Monday, 3 December 2012

Moving on

So, the love came back. Some chapters were re-jigged, some words went off to that sad land of The Deleted, the protagonist became more proactive and I was happier. The breakdown therapy worked - for a while. I was ready to face another round of submissions, but blimey - don’t they take time? That dreaded letter, that tortuous synopsis, the varying number of opening chapters or pages agents want. Twelve submissions down and I’m not sure if I can face anymore. The doubts have already come flooding back in with the first (next day) rejection. The rest of the disembodied chapters are still out there and while I’m waiting for them to come flying back in with their tails between their legs, it feels like a good time to move on, draw a line and run away with some new characters who’ve been flirting with me for a while. The promise of new, exciting locations and situations is too much to resist. I might return, but who knows? For now off I'm off on new adventures.


Driving away from home by Violet Kashi

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